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Transportation & Carpool


‘CARPOOL’ is FLA speak for the kid(s) you bring to & from school whether this includes only your own or additional riders too.

The North Parking lot is by permit only. Visitors and parents parking for appointments or field trips must use the South Lot. 

  • Students may not be checked out within 30 minutes of the scheduled dismissal without permission from the director. 
  • Unless they are enrolled in FAST (our after-school program), or are legitimately involved in school-sponsored activities, or are part of an FLA sports team, students must be picked up no later than 30 minutes after dismissal for each school level respectively.
  • Students wishing to watch after school games or performances MUST either arrange for staff supervision or go home and return at the event time. No students are permitted to be on school premises unattended at any time. 
  • Students should be picked up no later than 30 minutes passed their regular dismissal time unless they are attending tutoring. 
  • Parents of students dropped off before 7:15am or 30 minutes after their pick up time will be warned by mail; if too-early drop-off or too-late-pick-up continues, parents risk being referred to the Department of Social Services and/or law enforcement.


Morning Drop Off

  • Middle and elementary students may arrive as early as 7:15 am.  
  • High school students may enter the HS building no earlier than 7:45. 
    HS students will not be allowed into the ES/MS building.

*Download the map for Morning Carpool

  • Please follow the directions of the traffic team members during arrival and dismissal to keep traffic flowing and safe at all times. 
  • Please anticipate a line in the mornings and arrive on campus accordingly. Excessive carpool lines will not be an excuse for tardy students. 

LATE ARRIVALS: If your child is in elementary and arrives late to school, you (or an over 18 years of age guardian) will be required to sign in your child in the front office. 


Afternoon Pickup

 *Download maps; K-8 Afternoon CarpoolHS Afternoon Carpool

To pick up your K-8th grade child(ren) in the afternoons, you will need a Family Code to present in the pickup line. 

  • Contact your child’s PAA or the school for the password. It changes yearly.
  • EARLY CHECK OUT: Parents of Elementary and Middle school students MUST come into the office to check students out of school.  High school students who drive can check themselves out, with prior parental permission.





  • Fill out the following so your Firebird(s) will be ready to fly with us!
    • Driver Transportation Waiver
      • Elementary
      • Middle School
      • High School
    • Passenger Transportation Waiver
      • Elementary
      • Middle School
      • High School
    • Background Check - Required for Drivers


If a parent wants their child or children to walk to or from school, the Board of Directors of Falls Lake Academy, along with the Principal and Staff, require each family to follow the guidelines listed below and for each student to have a walking waiver on file.  
Walking Home Guidelines:

-Students must live within a one-mile radius of the school in order to walk home.  

-Students in grades 4 and up may walk home.  

-Students in grades K-2 may not walk home unless accompanied by a sibling in grades 4 and up.

-Students must utilize sidewalks where available and follow traffic guidelines from the NCDOT.




High School Student Parking

Student drivers will park in the North Lot in their assigned spaces. Student drivers MUST register their vehicle with the office and purchase a parking pass.

  • Parking passes are available for purchase for sophomores and juniors. The parking space fee is included in Senior fees. Students will need to present a copy of their license and registration.

  • Parents that permit off-campus lunch for their junior or senior will have to sign a permission form.

  • Seniors may also pay to paint their own parking space. You can only use latex paint; the student artwork has to be approved before the student can paint their spot.

Parking Permit Application Form


Quick Downloads


Driver Transportation Waiver

Passenger Transportation Waiver

Background Check - Required for Drivers
Walking Waiver


Morning Drop-off
Afternoon Pick-up


Parking Permit Application Form