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Student Volunteering Ideas

At Falls Lake Academy, serving our community is part of our mission statement. Students have the opportunity to serve others in so many ways. We have provided a list of websites to help you get started on possible volunteering opportunities. : This is a great website with over 10 places/organizations such as assisting our special needs children and families, food pantries, Feeding the homeless, etc... You will
have to research each one for age limits. This website has ongoing opportunities throughout the year
and you can sign up through the link provided. Group volunteer opportunities available, Youth building opportunities
available. NC Arts, Park, Museums, Zoo and
Aquariums. There will be some age limits with this. Volunteer Animal Care and ages 12-15 can
volunteer with a parent. Great group opportunities. Grab some friends and your parents and make it a fun day keeping our state parks clean and beautiful. Events volunteer opportunities and wish granters. You can
contact for details or questions.

This list may provide some ideas for you as well - especially for younger children.  While it is promoting SignupGenius, it has some great ideas for serving your community.

Don't forget:
Service activities through your church.
Service activities through Scouting.
Service activities through other community organizations such as 4H.
Finding ways to show support for first responders, such as healthcare workers, police, military, etc.