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Hot Lunch

We are excited to be able to offer our students an alternative to home-packed lunches every day!  We have contracted with El Rio, Chick-fil-a, Rino’s and American Hero to provide daily deliveries (different choices on different days). 

Ordering hot lunches is a complete optional system, where you as the parent can choose as many or as few days as you wish.

The ordering and payment process is all done online at  There are only specific windows of time during the school year that you can place an order.  If you attempt to order after the cut-off date, the system will not accept your order.

Lunch Ordering Window

  Ordering Window Opens

Ordering Window Closes
@ 12 noon

Lunches Served
September August 15th  August 25th September 6th - September 30th
October September 10th September 23rd October 3rd - October 31st
November - December October 19th October 26th November 1st - December 16th
January November 28th December 6th January 4th - January 31st
February January 17th January 25th February 1st - February 28th
March February 15th February 24th March 1st - March 31st
April - May March 20th March 28th  April 3rd - May 12th


How to Submit Lunch Orders:

First Time Users - select the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT at and enter our school code313FLANC.  Next, provide the account setup information requested and submit that information to activate your account.

Each family will have a “Family Account” that shows options such as:  PLACE ORDERS; VIEW ORDERS; VIEW PAYMENTS, VIEW / UPDATE ACCOUNT, AND MORE!

After the account is established, you must enter each new student individually using the “Add Student” button.

To submit an order:

1.  Select PLACE ORDER, then submit a separate order for each person placing a lunch order.

2.  When each order has been submitted, select the REVIEW ORDER button at the bottom of the page.

3.  On the Review Order page, select the SUBMIT ORDER button to confirm the order.

A confirmation email will be sent as orders are recorded. If you receive duplicate order confirmations, don’t worry: duplicate orders are not possible.  To see what you ordered, log into your account and select VIEW ORDERS. You will see exactly what the system recorded for each student. You can view and PRINT your orders at any time.

As orders are submitted, the total amount due for your family is listed under the CURRENT BALANCE.  After all lunch orders have been submitted, select the PAY NOW button to submit your online payment.  (The PAY NOW button appears below the CURRENT BALANCE amount shown on your account’s main page.)  Follow the on-screen prompts to complete and submit your payment. If applicable, a Convenience Fee charge may appear when you view the total amount due. (Note: the “Convenience Fee,” when added to the amount due, helps cover processing fees charged to the lunch program when we accept online payments.) 

If you have any questions regarding your payment, select the VIEW PAYMENTS option to see if a payment was recorded to your account. You will see exactly what the system has recorded for your account.

Please remember: 

  • The first time you visit the school lunch website, login as a FIRST TIME USER to activate your account.
  • Use the school code shown above -- 313FLANC -- to activate your account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to setup your family account.  
  • You need to place a separate order for each child (or staff member) who is ordering lunch.
  • Submit all orders before selecting the PAY NOW button to submit a payment. 
  • The next time you access your online lunch account, you will enter your email address and the password created when you first set up your account.
  • If you encounter a login problem, use the GET HELP button to request assistance.

If you forget your password at some time in the future -- relax!  Select the RETRIEVE MY PASSWORD option to have your password immediately sent to you. An automated attendant will send your password to the email address listed in your account. If you do not receive that email, then select the GET HELP option to submit a Trouble Report.

You MUST process each order through until you see the Order Confirmation page.  Do not stop until you see an Order Confirmation for the order being submitted. The system does not recognize an order until you see the Confirmation Page. Your order cannot be processed until it has been fully submitted & confirmed.

One last note:  if you attempt to order after the cut-off date, the system will not accept your order.

Lunches ordered online using this system will be delivered to FLA on the dates for which they were ordered.  Lunches DO NOT INCLUDE beverages!  Each child must order beverages separately, when available, or bring his or her own beverages in a juice box, a can, a thermos bottle, a water bottle, a bottle with a screw-on top, etc.


Lunch Rules

  1. Food will be dispersed to the student that ordered it, ONLY!  The student’s friends may NOT get their food.  Only exceptions are when arrangements have been made by a parent with lunch coordinator!  You may call the office and make arrangements also, if a need arises.  If your student is absent and arrangements have not been made, your student’s food will be offered to the teaching and office staff.  K-12 students food will be delivered to their room every day.  
  2. PLEASE PARENTS print out your student’s order from the website and post it where you and your student can refer to it every day.  It’s easy to forget what days you ordered food.
  3. A lunch will be provided by the lunch coordinator for students with forgotten, lost, or ruined lunches.  You will be notified when your student receives 3 sandwiches per quarter.  If you are in need of assistance with food for lunch, you can contact Ms. McGarry or Mrs. Moore, our guidance counselors.