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Driver's Education

1. Driver's Ed Requirements in order to register. (Please note instructor will not put your students name on the list until Driver's Education Sign Up form is completed and payment has been submitted.) 

  • Student must be in 9th grade and at least 14 1/2 years old
  • Pay $65 Fee
  • Click here to get your child signed up

2. After a student is successfully registered, the instructor will email parent and let you know class dates and times. (classroom portion is 2 weeks long)

3. If your student passes the classroom portion they will be required to complete an eye exam (instructor will provide more information about eye exam), and they will be put on the list to drive. 

4. Once your students eye sheet is completed, driving instructors will contact each student to schedule driving times. 

5. Once student has completed and passed the driving portion of Driver's Ed, parents will need to contact the high school office to get a Driver's Eligibility Certificate. (This certificate verifies that your student is passing at least 70% of their classes.)  


Transcript required for DMV for student proof of address. Please allow 48 hours to process request.

Transcript Request


Parking and Fees 

Student drivers will park in the North Lot in their assigned spaces. Student drivers MUST register their vehicle with the office and purchase a parking pass. 

  • Parking passes are available for purchase for sophomores and juniors. The parking space fee is included in Senior fees. Students will need to present a copy of their license and registration. 
  • Parents that permit off-campus lunch for their junior or senior will have to sign a SMART Lunch Permission Form. 
  • Seniors may also pay to paint their own parking space. You can only use latex paint; the student artwork has to be approved before the student can paint their spot.
  • Parking permits must be paid using EduTrak.

Parking Permit Application

SMART Lunch Permission Form